Vinyl Siding, Shutters & Fences Refurbished To Like New Color

In the vinyl siding restoration photos below, note the one where a replacement was done on a piece of vinyl siding at the back of the house. The vinyl siding company paid for the replacement of damaged vinyl siding with new siding. BUT, the problem of what to do about a two tone house was the home owners problem. Because the rest of the older vinyl siding had color that had chalked, faded, oxidized and discolored, it stood out like a sore thumb against the new vinyl siding. Making the vinyl siding match perfectly, refurbishing the house to a uniform color was a job for Envirolon.

The vinyl shutters on your house will also fade, chalk and discolor just as rapidly as the rest of the house. Refurbish, rejuvenate and restore the color to those faded, discolored, oxidized vinyl shutters just as easily as on vinyl siding. For that we recommend our Classic to be brushed, sprayed or applied with our aerosol cans. Classic even works great on the restoration of color to faded vinyl fencing, vinyl garage doors, vinyl clad windows or doors or even vinyl furniture.

Why not save time, save money and preserve the resale value of your home with Envirolon vinyl siding restoration and protection. The cost is less than what you would think. For example, a house with 1600 square feet of vinyl siding can be restored, rejuvenated and refurbished for just $495 of Envirolon.. That's right, just two gallons of Envirolon will renew the vinyl siding on that home. Of course, you have the labor & chemicals to clean and   spray the vinyl siding on the house. Also, you need a sprayer from a tool rental store. We recommend that you get a HVLP 3 stage Turbine sprayer that is powered by electricity. Even if that costs $100, with $25 for chemicals added to the Envirolon cost of $495, will give you a total of only $620 to completely restore and renew the color and luster of your vinyl siding. 

If your not a do it yourself person, hiring someone to clean and spray the vinyl siding for you, it could still come down to a total of 60-75 cents a square foot.  Compare that to the $8-$9 per square foot cost of a new vinyl siding installation, and you'll start to see why Vivilon is a bargain. Give us a call or if you're ready to buy, go here. We thank you!


These photos are just a few the possibilities to show how the VIVILON clear coat restoration process can refurbish, rejuvenate, refinish, revitalize, renew, recondition and restore old, dull, chalky, weathered, oxidized, sun bleached, faded paint, metal, copper, brick, wood, vinyl siding, aluminum and fiberglas gelcoat surfaces to a like new color tone, gloss, luster and mirror-like shine.
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On the back of the house in the photo on the left, new vinyl siding creates an uneven look with the old faded vinyl siding. On the right, that vinyl is being restored to the same new color tone to match the new siding that was replaced.
Faded aluminum siding color restored The faded aluminum soffit is restored to like new color by our clear coat rejuvenation process. On the right, the aluminum siding is being restored and protected against future sun fading. Oxidized aluminum siding restored
Dull faded aluminum rejuvenated Both the aluminum soffit and the weathered painted wood railing are restored to like new color with our clear coat rejuvenation process. Faded paint color and shine restored
Oxidized aluminum panels color restored

Sun Faded Oxidized Paint Restored on Aluminum Gate To Like New Color

2 year Old Sun Faded, Oxidized Vinyl Siding restored to Like New Color

Sun faded vinyl siding restored
The Photos of the Vivilon Clear Coat Color Restoration and Rejuvenation Process depicted herein are Certified Actual Pictures of how Vivilon Clear Coat Rejuvenates, Refurbishes, Revitalizes, Reconditions, Renews, Refinishes and Restores sun bleached, old, dull, chalky, weathered, oxidized, faded paint, metal, fiberglass gelcoat, vinyl, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, or eifs surfaces to like new original color tone, gloss, shine and luster that would normally require Repainting. Other than photos in the EXCEPTIONS folder, ALL Pictures of the Restoration, Refurbishing, Refinishing, Reconditioning and Rejuvenating of faded, oxidized surfaces have been done solely by the use of Vivilon Crystal Clear Coating materials.