We resisted putting this page up because of the difficulty of providing a useful resource WITHOUT intruding on the PRIVACY rights of our customers. We have tried to correct misspellings and punctuation errors; but, otherwise here are some randomly selected letters from our customers about their experience with Vivilon. We will select new letters to add as they are received. We hope they can be helpful to you.


I am writing you about my experience with your company. I read about you in a forum for RV owners. It had a reference to an article by you about why fiberglass gelcoat fades. It was informative and got me to spend a couple hours researching your product website.

I called and talked to you and was told that for my 31 foot RV, it would take 1.5 gallons to do two coats. So, I ordered two gallons. I followed your directions for getting it ready by scrubbing with a nylon pad and comet cleanser, rinsing and finally going over it with alcohol on a lint free cloth. I admit I'm only an amateur sprayer; but, I read both your articles on spraying and got a $40 gun from Harbor Freight and had my old Sears 5 hp compressor. After practicing on some cardboard panels for about 20 minutes, it really was fairly easy to spray. I did two coats in a little over an hour. I can't tell you how delighted I was with the results the Vivilon delivered. The Vivilon instantly restored my RV's color and shine to "like new". It really looks wonderful.

I used the leftover material on my old aluminum shed and it brought the pink paint back to the original red. Did the same thing for my riding mower and air conditioning unit. When I think of all the time I spent putting on and rubbing off compound and then waxing it only to have to do it again every 4 months, this is definitely a whole lot better. Now, my wife and I can just enjoy the lifestyle for years. Great product!

–––Ellsworth Langdon, Des Moines, Iowa


I bought your product out of curiosity mixed with skepticism. I tried it and was I impressed. Excellent result! And, you can now tell your customers that it does act as an anti-fouling coating par excellence. Tell you why. We took a piece of fiberglass off a wrecked boat and coated half with three coats of Vivilon, which you remember was what you told me to do. We
then lowered it into salt water from my dock on Sarasota Bay. We just left it there for almost four weeks then took it out. We almost didn't believe our eyes. The side that was left un-coated was full of barnacles as large as half dollars. The side that had Vivilon on also had barnacles; but, they were at most the size of a dime. But, the real amazing thing was the barnacles on the uncoated side, we had to take a knife to, the Vivilon side we just pushed the barnacles off with our thumb. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself. My friend, you have one truly fantastic product!

–––David Warren, Sarasota, Fl


I didn't believe the pictures on the website. But, I kept coming back, reading more and just couldn't get it out of my mind. Then I talked to you about it, how easy it was for a guy to spray it on, and so, I broke down a few nights after the phone call and bought a gallon. Like the old Monkees song, now "I'm a Believer". There's not a trace of doubt in my mind, as the lyric goes.

It brought back my Mastercraft boat JUST like the photos on your web. The color and the shine were like new. Now, it's been 10 months and I can still see the wrinkles on my face in the reflection from the side. Decals are great too. Like a mirror. With your tutorials on proper spray technique, it was a breeze to get a good finish. I would recommend it to anyone.

SUPER DUPER product!

––Ted Bishop, Corpus Christi, TX


I am used to the algae on the Ohio River causing a 4-5 knot reduction in my boat's top speed as the summer wears on towards fall. The algae is the major culprit. I tried Vivilon just to bring back the color and restore a great shine and It worked great, as you said it would. But, just for kicks, I put it on the hull to see what it would do there. Well, this year I couldn't tell there was any difference in speed between April and September.When you said algae wouldn't grow on a Vivilon treated surface, you just might be right :-)

Un-Believable Product!

–––Jim Cassert, Cincinnati, OH


As a detailing man and as a fellow who has owned a few businesses before I got my son into the detailing gig, I have to say, Your product is awesome. A super product.

We did the hood of a car that I got from the junk yard to test first. There are no words to express my feeling about the out come of using your product. Your product would make a blind man SEE. Everyone who has seen it is excited. I am SOLD on Vivilon!

i'll be seeing you in two weeks with an order in hand

–––Kenny Austin, Cleaner Than Clean Detailing


As you know I retired from my job as Transportation Director last year. In the 11 years since you coated over 100 of our buses, I have consistently gotten compliments on their appearance. Your product really does Make Anything Old Look New Again.

Vivilon stood the test of time on my watch.

–––Bill Kent, Macon, Ga


Having never been a painter before, I found Vivilon very user freiendly. I studied the user manuals and spraying guides online and was "good to go" very quickly. After using the products for many years, I still get amazed at the job it does.

–––Larry Richards, St. Louis, MO


Over eleven years ago, we had vinyl siding put on two buildings at our ranch. Within three years, we began noticing fading on them. I discovered Vivilon while searching the web one night in October 2004. I bought a gallon before it turned too cold to put it on. All I was able to do was a "test" panel about 2'X2' square. That really brought back the new color with a kind of satin finish.

June of 05, the test panel was like the day I did it, so I went ahead and did both buildings. They looked really great. The color we bought is back again. Like you told us, we hose it down twice a year with our pressure washer and it keeps it clean. No algae growth and the mildew, what there is of it, is very easy to get off.

The surface is really "no stick". We are very pleased with the service the product has given. At first, it seemed expensive. But it only took 3 more gallons to do both buildings, so really it wasn't bad. Now, three years later, it's still going strong. I would highly recommend the Envirolon to anyone with faded vinyl siding they need to refurbish.

–––Jesse Connors, Amarillo, TX


I have been in the fleet maintenance business for over 32 years and have seldom seen a product that does so many things so well and with such simplicity as your Vivilon.

I suppose other fleet managers have been as skeptical as I was before seeing what the product could do. But, when you took that old Freightliner cab that had four different shades of red (due to the touchups done at different times) and brought them all back to the same bright "Coca-Cola" red, I was truly impressed.

Then, when you did the gloss meter test on it as compared to a brand new truck we has just picked up from the dealer, and the nine year old truck scored a 3 point HIGHER gloss than the new, it blew me away. BETTER than new, I didn't think I would see something like that.

In the six years we have used the product, it has always done what we wanted and has been exceptionally easy to clean as well. I don't often say this but two "Atta Boys" for Vivilon.

–––Eric Essenheimer, Chicago, IL

I first used Vivilon in the spring of 1998, when I was introduced to it by my uncle in Detroit . He had used it two years earlier on his Cessna 172. His plane was a 1968 model with a very faded red & black on white color scheme. The Vivilon brought back the color of the paint and decals with a nice gloss as well. He was a believer. So, I ordered two gallons of Vivilon to do my 1983 Cessna 310. It really restored the color and the shine was terrific. It also made cleaning the aircraft a lot easier.

After six years, it was getting a little less shiny, so I decided it was time to re-apply the Vivilon. Another two gallons, and the old girl was as shiny as new. This has been the easiest, least expensive product I have ever used or seen used from my experience flying pretty much all over the world. Vivilon has proven it's worth to me many times over.

–––Tom Freeling, Toronto , Ontario, Canada


I was involved as a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force test of the Vivilon product in 1991-1994. It was exceptional both in durability and the easy clean surface. From that experience, I knew I would put it to a lot of other uses when I got out of the service.

That happened in 1996, when I took a job as foreman on a ranch owned by my wife's uncle, here in Australia. I purchased a 55 gallon drum and proceeded to put Vivilon on everything. From Jeeps, trucks, tractors, combines, forklifts, a backhoe, water and fuel tanks, and even our metal buildings. It works fantastic at bringing out a shine, with the original color AND it's easy to keep clean. That's REAL important to me. Keeping things clean makes maintenance a lot easier. Like they say down here, "No Worries, Mate".

–––Fred Muir, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia