VIVILON Technology
What is VIVILON?
VIVILON is the brand name for a line of clear, ambient cured, single component, extremely UV stable, high performance protective clear coating systems developed to provide a semi-permanent solution to the twin problems of appearance restoration and maintenance.
What does Vivilon do?
VIVILON Clear Protective Coatings refinish, refurbish, restore, revitalize, recondition, renew and rejuvenate dull, old, chalky, weathered, sun bleached, oxidized and faded paint, metal, fiberglass, gelcoat, RFP panels, flexible vinyl, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, decals, brick, EIFS or Dry-Vit siding, and vinyl siding to a like new original color tone, shine, luster and gloss.
What is VIVILON made of?
VIVILON's restorative and protective clear coatings outstanding physical properties are provided by a proprietary blend of extended wear nylon and acrylic resins, trademarked VIVILON Classic, Tough Enough, ForeverNu, Envirolon, Vinyl Life and Tag...You're Out!™. With the addition of organic ultra-violet light absorbers and light stabilizers along with the added sunscreen protection provided by nano-particles of inorganic titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, gives VIVILON superior sun protection and unmatched weather resistance and exceptional surface protection. And, Vivilon requires virtually no maintenance, other than a periodic cold water washing.
How can VIVILON make old surfaces look new again?
VIVILON's protective clear coating's synthetic moisturizing polymers act like an "Emergency Rescue" team for the survival of your paint, fiberglass. gelcoat & vinyl surfaces. Vivilon's proprietary formula surrounds, penetrates and fully encapsulates sun damaged pigments to restore even the most faded, weather beaten, oxidized surface to original color, gloss, luster and distinctness of image.

The sun acts as a baking oven to dry out the paint pigments just like an oven turns batter into cake. Anything that restores moisture to the pigment will restore the pigments color as well. For example, using Wesson, Mazola or olive oil, because they can put moisture back into the pigments, will bring back most of the original color BUT only for a few days. Vivilon's clear protective coating brings back ALL the like new color, luster & gloss to the pigment AND protects it from the sun's damaging deterioration for years!
How long has VIVILON been in use?
VIVILON protective clear coatings have been used by governmental, commercial, military, consumer, marine and aviation customers since 1979. After four years of "real world" in the field trials under grueling MEEP testing with the most punishing conditions that could be devised, a prestigious military testing agency concluded VIVILON's performance EXCEEDED all its claims.
How can I be sure VIVILON will stay where it's applied?
VIVILON's protective clear coating's specially enhanced fluoro-surfactant wetting agents, highly adhesive resins with low surface tension provide optimal surface tension reduction to ensure Vivilon coatings bond effectively with any clean dry surface they are applied to. These chemical ball bearings make VIVILON super slippery so it can take the "fast lane" deep into the microscopic pores of the surface. This locks Vivilon in like an anchor making VIVILON's unique uniform protective seal thus insuring unequaled bonding & adhesion.
What makes VIVILON so unique?

VIVILON's protective clear coatings proprietary combination of "state of the art" both organic AND inorganic light absorbers and stabilizers filter out the damaging effects of the sun's harsh ultraviolet light in much the same way as sunscreen lotions protect skin from getting burned on a sunny day. Even after many years of grueling environmental conditions, VIVILON protective clear coatings preserves the like new appearance of any surface.

Nanotechnology is a truly unique, relatively new, very expensive, truly "state of the art" component of Vivilon coatings. Nanotechnology is used to increase the UV sunlight resistance of Vivilon by incorporation into the backbone of the polymer chain.. Nanoparticles of micro-fine milled titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are included in the formulation to give increased durability and degradation resistance of the coated surface from the sun's rays. These nanoparticles are so small (less than 100nm), they appear to be clear because the wavelength of visible light is approximately 400nm. The difficulties invovled in milling these nanoparticles of titanium and zinc oxides so fine cause the nanoparticles to be extremely expensive. BUT, they extend the life of Vivilon's protective clear coating formulation, so Vivilon uses them no matter what the expense.

What protection does VIVILON provide against graffiti?
VIVILON's protective clear coating's virtually impermeable barrier provides exceptional graffiti resistance. Most markings wipe off as easily as chalk from a blackboard without damage to VIVILON's continuing protective clear coating shield.
How easy is VIVILON to clean?
VIVILON's protective clear coating's smooth slick surface "shrugs off" dirt and grime to extend the period between wash downs. Cleaning is so quick and easy, usually a simple water hosing is all it takes.
What is the VIVILON warranty?
VIVILON protective clear coatings, properly applied to a clean, dry surface are guaranteed to protect any surface from peeling, fading or discoloration due to environmental exposure.
VIVILON's success formula
KNOWLEDGE + EXPERIENCE + CREATIVITY = Superior Product Performance
Extraordinary protective clear coatings are not created in a vacuum. VIVILON is no exception. Therefore, the invaluable cooperation and assistance provided by members of the research & development staffs of the following companies is gratefully acknowledged.
Vivilon Company Acknowledgements
Custom Formulations
VIVILON can be customized to meet any challenge. Where requested, different gloss levels can be customized in semi, satin and completely matte finishes. VIVILON is also available in dozens of standard and custom matched colors, even metallics, pearlescents and fluorescents.
Professional Accreditations
Construction Specifications Institute
Federation of Societies for Coatings Technology
International Coatings & Formulations Institute
National Association of Corrosion Engineers
Protective Coatings Research Association
The Society for Protective Coatings
The Southern Coatings Society