How To Restore and Bring Back Original Color and Luster to Faded Self Storage Buildings & Painted Roll Up Metal Doors

Vivilon restores, refurbishes, rejuvenates and renews faded, dull, discolored, chalky or oxidized painted steel metal buildings to like new color, luster and shine. Self Storage buildings or Mini-Warehouse buildings and their metal roll-up storage doors are an important segment of the painted steel metal building market. We can restore virtually every surface that is faded and bring it back to the original color tone, gloss, shine and luster that the paint had when it was new.

Vivilon's paint protection protects against the ravages of the sun's UV radiation. The weather barrier protects against moisture corrosion and rust damage. It's slick surface gives it protection to shrug off airborne industrial fallout pollution, acid rain, bird droppings and everyday dirt and grime. Although it's not as easily and dramatically shown as pictures of restoration, the protection that Vivilon gives is just as important to the overall appearance maintenance of a building as the simple refurbishing of faded paint. Vivilon weather protection keeps the metal building and doors looking good and is extremely easy to clean. Maintenance of the metal building, roll-up doors, and just a quick hose down to get rid of the dirt and grime and keep the building or storage warehouse facility loking its best.

In addition to the paint restoration of the roll up doors, Vivilon's paint restoration clear coating also renews the dull, faded, discolored metal sofitt and fascia of the self storage or mini-warehouse building. It rejuvenates the faded vinyl decals, refurbishes the painted metal awnings, renews the painted window mullions, refurbishes the faded signs; in short, Vivilon restores any dull, faded or oxidized surface to like new color and shine no matter what materials it's made from.

And, Vivilon does this WITHOUT repainting. Let's face it, repainting is a time consuming mess. And,repainting is far more expensive the Vivilon when all the labor of sanding, masking, priming and painting is added up. The thing is, after doing all the work and paying the expense of repainting, the paint won't last near as long as the Vivilon coating does. Because Vivilon restores the color and shine and then protects the original paint that was baked on at the factory.

Vivilon is a premium quality clearcoating paint restoration product. It's very much like any other "name brand" clearcoating from DuPont, Sherwin-Williams, BASF,  or PPG. Vivilon's advantages over these fine quality restoration products is that it has greater sunlight (UV) radiation resistance and will last longer without fading, discoloring or losing gloss, shine or luster.The Vivilon restorer is also easier to use because it requires no protective equipment to be EPA or OSHA legal spraying it. Our protective clearcoat requires no mixing and is ambient air cured for no mistakes. It is self annealing, and will air dry to the touch  in minutes. Vivilon is re-useable and doesn't lose any fade protection in an air tight can for years.

Vivilon is highly flexible so it expands or contracts with the painted metal it is applied to. It's protective clearcoating  will never chip, crack, peel or lose its adhesion. In fact, Vivilon adhesion is so good many painters use it as a primer coat on metal surfaces they then topcoat with a quality acrylic enamel. Then, that paint has a final clearcoati of Vivilon to make a Vivilon "sandwich" with outstanding weather protection and durability. And, it will never discolor or "yellow" from exposure to the sun. Unlike our imitators, Vivilon clearcoating has been tested time and again for its ability to protect paint, even against those "big name brands". Vivilon has proven its ability to protect from sun fading better than the well known brands did.

And, if you add on to the storage facility with new painted metal buildings and roll-up doors, it automatically makes the paint on your old buildings dull, dingy, discolored, faded and chalky. They will stand out like a sore thumb even more. But, all you need to do is restore those faded, chalky, oxidized painted buildings and doors back to the same color, shine and luster of the new buildings and doors with Vivilon's proven paint restoration.


What It Takes in Labor and Material Cost to Restore Your Painted Metal Doors, Metal Buildings or Canopies.

First, cleaning supplies for a facility. You will need a butyl based, alkaline, free rinsing degreaser that costs about $14 per gallon and should do a minimum of 14 doors per gallon, two bi-level scrubbing brushes costing about $25.00 total. It takes about 4 minutes per metal door to brush and rinse the door. Figure a total wage & benefit package of $18 per hour with 14 metal doors cleaned each hour makes a total cost for cleaning of about $2.50 per metal door (chemical,labor and replacement of the brushes).

The spraying of the Vivilon Restorer takes about 2.5 minutes per roll-up door. Figure a wage and benefit package of $30 per hour with 20 doors restored and protected also comes to $1.50 per roll-up door.

Vivilon costs as little as $.16 per square foot to $.22 per square foot. If your doors are approximately 8'X7' that is 56 SF or $8.96/ door to $12.32/ door.

TOTAL cost to Clean, Spray and Restore your dull, chalky, faded and oxidized painted metal doors to like new color, shine and luster is about $11.50 per door to as much as $14.50 per door.

Take a look at the photos below and imagine how good your faded metal building and roll up doors can look having their original color, shine and luster restored with the quick and easy, long lasting, proven restoration of Vivilon clear coating. When your ready to make a buying decision, either call us to have your questions answered or buy here.


These photos are just a few the possibilities to show how the VIVILON.  clear coat restoration system can refurbish, rejuvenate, refinish, revitalize, renew, recondition and restore old, dull, chalky, weathered, oxidized, sun bleached, faded paint, metal and fiberglas gelcoat surfaces on self-storage roll up doors, self-storage buildings and facilities, mini-storage roll up doors and building facilities, mini-warehouse roll up doors and mini-warehouse buildings and facilities,self-storage fascia and self-storage equipment to a like new color tone, luster, gloss and mirror-like shine.

(Just click on the picture to enlarge.)

This chalky, dull, sun bleached, weather faded and oxidized paint on the self-storage roll up door is refinished, rejuvenated, refurbished and restored to like new original color and appearance with luster, gloss and a mirror like shine. Even the faded "B" decal is restored to like new color.
Dull faded self storage buildings and doors are refinished to restore like new color and gloss. The clear coat refurbishing acts to protect the doors from sun fading oxidation, salt air corrosion, rust, acid rain, and stains. Every day dirt and grime wash off easily with a water rinse. Rejuvenation of original color and shine is easy, quick, and very inexpensive.

The Photos of the Vivilon Clear Coat Color Restoration and Rejuvenation Process depicted herein are Certified Actual Pictures of how Vivilon Clear Coat Rejuvenates, Refurbishes, Revitalizes, Reconditions, Renews, Refinishes and Restores sun bleached, old, dull, chalky, weathered, oxidized, faded paint, metal, fiberglass gelcoat, vinyl, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, or eifs surfaces to like new original color tone, gloss, shine and luster that would normally require Repainting or Redecaling. Other than photos in the EXCEPTIONS folder, ALL Pictures of the Restoration, Refurbishing, Refinishing, Reconditioning and Rejuvenating of faded, oxidized self-storage roll up doors, self-storage buildings and facilities, mini-storage roll up doors and building facilities, mini-warehouse roll up doors and mini-warehouse buildings and facilities have been done solely by the use of Vivilon Crystal Clear Coating Restoration materials.