This faded metal roof is restored to original color with gloss that is second to none

Residential Restoration With Vivilon Clear Coat

These photos are just a few the possibilities to show how the VIVILON clear coat restoration process can refurbish, rejuvenate, refinish, revitalize, renew, recondition and restore old, dull, chalky, weathered, oxidized, sun bleached, faded paint, metal, copper, brick, wood, vinyl siding, aluminum and fiberglas gelcoat surfaces to a like new color tone, gloss, luster and mirror-like shine.

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This faded, dull vinyl BBQ cover is restored to original color and gloss with Vinyl Life


Brick Before
This old weathered brick patio comes back to life when it is restored to its rich red brick color by the clear coat method of rejuvenation.
Brick After
Copper Awning Before
The weather-aged patina of this copper cupola is rejuvenated to the bright clean shiny copper finish it had when new. The copper color and finish is fully restored and protected to stay that way by our clear coat rejuvenator.
Copper Awning After
On the back of the house in the photo on the left, new vinyl siding creates an uneven look with the old faded vinyl siding. On the right, that vinyl is being restored to the same new color tone to match the new siding that was replaced.
Vinyl Siding Being Restored
The faded aluminum soffit is restored to like new color by our clear coat rejuvenation process. On the right, the aluminum siding is being restored and protected against future sun fading. Aluminum Siding Being Restored
Dull faded brick is restored to like new depth of color by the clear coat refinishing process. The weathered look is replaced by the bold beauty of brick.

On the right Vivilon restores weathered wood to give it a natural deep warm color.

On the left, an old faded chalky shutter is restored to like new color by the clear coat refinishing process.

This dull faded Screen Enclosure is beautifully refinished.
Both the aluminum soffit and the weathered painted wood railing are restored to like new color with our clear coat rejuvenation process.

Sun Faded Oxidized Paint Restored on Aluminum Gate To Like New Color

2 year Old Sun Faded, Oxidized Vinyl Siding restored to Like New Color

The Photos of the Vivilon Clear Coat Color Restoration and Rejuvenation Process depicted herein are Certified Actual Pictures of how Vivilon Clear Coat Rejuvenates, Refurbishes, Revitalizes, Reconditions, Renews, Refinishes and Restores sun bleached, old, dull, chalky, weathered, oxidized, faded paint, metal, fiberglass gelcoat, vinyl, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, or eifs surfaces to like new original color tone, gloss, shine and luster that would normally require Repainting. Other than photos in the EXCEPTIONS folder, ALL Pictures of the Restoration, Refurbishing, Refinishing, Reconditioning and Rejuvenating of faded, oxidized surfaces have been done solely by the use of Vivilon Crystal Clear Coating materials.