Aluminum Siding Restoration and Refinishing
to Restore and Protect Color

This soffit is being restored to its original color tone by Vivilon’s clear coat restoration and protection product. Because the soffit is metal, it will naturally have a higher gloss than a vinyl soffit would. Some people like it, some don’t. If you are one of those that don’t, we would then apply Vivilon in a semi-gloss or flat finish to make sure you have the look you like.

The Photo of the Vivilon Clear Coat Restoration Process depicted herein is a Certified Unretouched Picture of Vivilon Rejuvenating and Refinishing a surface that would normally need Repainting. Other than photos in the EXCEPTIONS folder, ALL Restoration, Refinishing, and Rejuvenation projects have been done solely by the use of our Crystal Clear Coating materials. Tramadol CVS