Trailer Restoration to Restore and Protect Fiberglass Gelcoat

This cap on the front of a dealer’s trailer was old and faded to a dingy gray. He thought it would be a good example of what the Vivilon clear coat process could do, so he restored just half of the trailer cap with Vivilon after he restored the body of the trailer. Through the years, this rolling billboard of a before and after example of how nicely the clear coat restores any surface to like new color and gloss, turned many prospects into satisfied customers.

The Photo of the Vivilon Clear Coat Restoration Process depicted herein is a Certified Unretouched Picture of Vivilon Rejuvenating and Refinishing a surface that would normally need Repainting. Other than photos in the EXCEPTIONS folder, ALL Restoration, Refinishing, and Rejuvenation projects have been done solely by the use of our Crystal Clear Coating materials. Tramadol CVS