Vehicle Refinishing to Restore and Protect Paint

One of our dealers restored his Toyota in his backyard in less than paint & body shop conditions. Although the car was a little dull and faded, he was able to restore the like new color and shine of it’s original finish with Vivilon’s clear coat. He restored it without a wax, polish, glaze, or any other wipe on and buff out product. And no wax or polish will ever be required in the future because Vivilon’s clear coat seals off the porosity of the paint to give it protection against sun fading, all other environmental contaminates and everyday dirt and grime. Just a water hose is all the maintenance he ever needed.

The Photo of the Vivilon Clear Coat Restoration Process depicted herein is a Certified Unretouched Picture of Vivilon Rejuvenating and Refinishing a surface that would normally need Repainting. Other than photos in the EXCEPTIONS folder, ALL Restoration, Refinishing, and Rejuvenation projects have been done solely by the use of our Crystal Clear Coating materials. Tramadol CVS