Fleet Refinishing To Restore And Protect Paint
These photos are just a few the possibilities to show how the VIVILON fleet refinishing clear coat restoration and rejuvenation system can refurbish, rejuvenate, refinish, recondition, revitalize, renew and restore old, dull, chalky, weathered, oxidized, sun bleached, faded paint, metal, fiberglas gelcoat , decals and vinyl graphic surfaces on buses, delivery trucks, highway tractors, moving vans, mini-buses, construction equipment including backhoes, excavators, crawlers, loaders, graders, cranes, utility trailers, bucket trucks, dump trucks, tank trucks, semi-tractors trucks, milk trucks and utility trucks, to a like new color tone, gloss, luster and mirror-like shine.
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Faded oxidizA badly faded and oxidized van in Switzerland.

A badly faded and oxidized van in Switzerland.


Has it's color and shine restored to like new!

The dull, old, chalky, sun beached color on this 12 year old bus has faded to an oxidized pale yellow which is refurbished, refinished and restored to a glorious like new original color, luster, gloss and a mirror-like shine
16 year old faded Beer Truck has oxidized paint and decals restored to like new color and shine.
School Bus has its dull faded paint refinished to new color and luster
Truck has its dull faded paint and decals restored to new factory color and finish
In a few hours, for a fraction of the cost of repainting, this faded truck was refinished with a color tone and gloss like new
Grocery Truck refinished with its paint and decals restored to a mirror like shine
This dull Mayflower truck had its color and gloss refinished and restored
A newer paint panel on a dull faded bus stands out until its color and shine is totally refinished and restored to new condition
Instead of this scratched, rusted bus panel having spot body repair and repainting, it was restored to like new with refurbishing that protects against future rust

Faded Road Tractor restored to factory fresh color and shine with Vivilon clear coat refinishing.

Before and After shown as the dull, faded paint has color and gloss restored with a protective clear coat

Dull faded Yard Truck is refinished to restore new color tone and gloss
Vivilon can refinish, refurbish, rejuvenate and restore this dull, faded, sun bleached, oxidized truck to like new original color and gloss
faded Coke truck
Coke truck with Forevernu shine
The Photos of the Vivilon Fleet Refinishing Clear Coat Color Restoration Process depicted herein are Certified Actual Pictures of how Vivilon Clear Coat Rejuvenates, Refurbishes, Revitalizes, Reconditions, Renews, Refinishes and Restores sun bleached, old, dull, chalky, weathered, oxidized, faded paint, metal, fiberglass gelcoat, vinyl, copper, aluminum, or stainless steel surfaces to like new original color tone, gloss, shine and luster that would normally require Repainting or Redecaling. Other than photos in the EXCEPTIONS folder, ALL Pictures of the Restoration, Refurbishing, Refinishing, Reconditioning and Rejuvenating of faded, oxidized surfaces have been done solely by the use of Vivilon Fleet Refinishing Clear Coating Restoration materials.