Exceptions: Where Vivilon Clear Coat Restoration Needs Color To Restore
Sometimes a surface has been neglected to the point where either the surface is badly stained, the paint is chipped, rusted or peeling, or there is simply no paint left at all.

In these cases, using our clear coatings will not be enough. VIVILON would make the surface shine, but the unsightly rust, stains, and bare areas would still be there.

That's why we developed a line of easy to use standard and custom matched color concentrates that can be easily mixed into our High Solids VIVILON™ Clear. Your VIVILON dealer can offer any solid, pastel or special metallic color selection you could want or need. We use only the finest automotive grade pigments (not the architectural pigments others use) to produce color bases that have optimum heat, chemical and ultraviolet light resistance. These pigments complement the outstanding extended wear properties of the clear VIVILON resins, allowing us to offer a coating system of unmatched durability and beauty.

Because we are applying additional layers of pigmented VIVILON coating to the surface BEFORE top coating with our standard clear VIVILON protectant, we can extend the expected durability of the coating system to 10-12 years.

The pictures below show an example of how VIVILON's color matched Whataburger's orange and artic white combined with our clear top coating completely refurbished this hamburger chain location.

Restoration Exceptions

Restoration Exceptions
Restoration Exceptions