What it is:
Eraser is a blend of solvents combined with surfactants to remove a Tagger's Graffiti vandalism from surfaces protected by Tough Enough or Tag...You're Out. It has the ability to wipe away BOTH paint & permanent pen marker Graffiti WITHOUT even effecting the protective graffiti coating barrier formed by the Tough Enough Or Tag...You're Out coating. It can do this repeatedly.
Where  it is used:
When you notice any surface that has been defaced or "tagged" by paint or marker pen graffiti, simply get a spray bottle of Eraser Graffiti Remover. Spray the graffiti tagged surface and easily wipe the graffiti vandals "art" away with Eraser, then wipe the graffiti residue off with a clean cloth to remove the graffiti quickly. The Eraser removes all evidence of the graffiti taggers vandalism while leaving the Tough Enough or Tag...You're Out anti-graffiti coating untouched and ready to protect against the next vandal.
How Can I Buy It:
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