Envirolon™ or Tag...You're Out!™ Primer
What it is:

A clear, "breathable" penetrating primer coating formulated for optimum adhesion to porous surfaces AND for ease of absorption deep into the pores of porous substrates. This provides a "tie-coat" to lock in the topcoat. The primer also seals off the porosity of porous substrates and provides the necessary solid foundation for top coating with Envirolon.

Where is it used:

Envirolon or Tag...You're Out Primer is required when applying Envirolon or Tag...You're Out! top coat over any difficult to adhere to non-porous surface, i.e., stainless steel, fiberglass, copper, anodized aluminum, etc. OR Any porous substrate, i.e., unpainted wood, marble, granite, stucco, stone, masonry, tile, brick and concrete. For some very porous surfaces, a second coat of primer may be required.

How Can I Buy It

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One Gallon
Five Gallons
Solids Content: 20%
Weight Per Gallon: 8.6 Pounds
Elongation: 705%
Coverage Rate: 1000 Square Feet Per Gallon (SFPG)
Time to Touch Dry: 10 Minutes At 70 Degrees F; 50% Relative Humidity
Time To Full Cure: 5 Days
Dry Time Between Coats: 1 Hour (At 70 Degrees F; 50% Relative Humidity)
Recommended Wet Film Thickness (WFT) Per Coat: 1.5 Mils Or 38 Microns
Approximate Dry Film Thickness (DFT) Per Coat: .3 Mil or 8 Microns
Theoretical Coverage @ .3 mil (DFT) Per Coat: 1050 Square Feet
Typical 60 Degree Gloss: 89
Viscosity Using #2 Zahn Cup: 24 Seconds
Application Methods:
Conventional or HVLP compressed air, HVLP turbine, airless, air assisted airless sprayers, brush, short nap roller, sponge or squeegee/spreader.
Recommended Spray Gun Setups:
  • Siphon Feed: 2.0 mm to 2.4 mm (.0787 to .0866)
  • Gravity Feed: 1.4 mm to 1.6 mm (.0551 to .0630)
  • Pressure Feed: .8 mm to 1.0 mm (.0315 to .0394)
Sanding & Buffing:
Not normally applicable.
Equipment Clean-up :
Soap and water.
To Slow Dry Time:
When spraying above 85 degrees Fahrenheit or to extend open time when brushing or rolling product, add 1 To 3 ounces of D.I. or tap water per quart of Envirolon Primer while stirring slowly for a minute or two.
Maintenance Cleaning:
Not applicable. This primer is always top coated with either Envirolon or Tag...You're Out!
While this product has been formulated to pass a 5 Cycle Freeze-Thaw test, it IS a waterborne coating. Therefore, DO NOT allow exposure to temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Store containers on pallets or shelves.
The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and the container labels for these products contain additional important health and safety information, which you should read carefully and follow before using this product.
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