What it is:

For those of you having used a product called "RESTORA" made by Flood Co. in the past to restore faded vinyl shutters and vinyl siding, it has been terminated by the company that bought Flood out in 2008. We invite you to try ENVIROLON for your vinyl siding, EIFS (Dry-Vit), brick, stone or most plastics because it is a substantial improvement on Restora or ANY other vinyl restoration product.. Many years in the making, Envirolon is a waterborne version of our original solvent borne VIVILON™ clear coating. It does a better job of restoring faded, weathered or oxidized vinyl siding to like new color and appearance. (For restoring faded vinyl shutters, we recommend the use of Vivilon CLASSIC). By using a patented particle dispersion technology, it is finally possible to combine the nylonic and acrylic resins which give VIVILON™ its outstanding performance profile, in a complex, highly efficient sun-blocking chain.

By interlocking each of these polymer groups at the molecular level within each dispersed particle, these cross-bonded, amino-functional particles create a unique morphology which gives Envirolon vinyl siding restorer an impressive combination of performance characteristics otherwise unattainable. Air dried films exhibit excellent UV and stain resistance while restoring weathered, faded vinyl to a like new appearance.

Envirolon has the same environmental weathering protection as VIVILON™.  Envirolon can be pigmented to produce excellent stains in teak, redwood, cedar and other popular wood stains with outstanding durability.  While the transparent stain can be used alone, we would strongly recommend that at least one coat of Envirolon Clear Top Coat always be the final product to be applied to the surface to provide the optimum color, gloss and protection.

VIVILON approved automotive grade pigment dispersions, a significant improvement over the architectural grade pigment consumer paint companies use to save money, can also be added to the Envirolon Clear Color Base

One to two medium coats of the resulting color should be applied to achieve full hiding. While this color coat can be used alone, we would strongly recommend that at least one medium coat of Envirolon Clear Top Coat always be the final product to be applied to the surface to provide the optimum color, gloss and protection to your restored surface.

As is the case with every Vivilon Coating product, Envirolon, which comes in a standard Semi-Gloss formulation, is available in a high gloss finish, satin or completely matte finish in any quantity without ANY extra cost. Just ask for the gloss level you want. The way you want it is the way we will make it for you!

Where is it used:

Anywhere you might otherwise use VIVILON™ or Tough Enough except you wish a waterborne coating. Or, in a case where the substrate like EIFS (Dry Vit), vinyl siding, older brick and some plastics, are solvent intolerant and a waterborne must be used, ( EIFS and some plastics for instance) is solvent intolerant and a waterborne must be used. Quick test hint: touch a Q-tip soaked in xylene to an inconspicuous area of the surface you are intending to restore and observe the reaction. Call us, describe the results and we'll gladly advise you as to what your best product options are.

How Can I Buy It

VIVILON makes it simple, quick and easy to purchase our products. For those who prefer to call and complete the transaction on the phone, we DO accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover for purchases of our products. Or, by clicking the BUY NOW button below, you will be taken to our PayPal Secure Payment Shopping Center where you will be able to buy whatever you want, using whatever means of payment you want. Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover), Debit Cards, E-Checks or PayPal. Your order will be packed and shipped the next day at no extra charge. That's right, the shipping cost is paid by VIVILON!

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*** Important: For Canadian Customers, Our Distributor can be reached by calling
Toll-Free (888) 498-6444. ***


One Gallon

Two Gallons
Five Gallons
Solids Content: 40%
Weight Per Gallon: 8.9 Pounds
Elongation: 340%
Tensile Strength: 7,285 P.S.I.
Coverage Rate: 1000 Square Feet Per Gallon (SFPG)
Time to Touch Dry: 7-10 Minutes At 70 Degrees F; 50% Relative Humidity
Time To Full Cure: 5 Days
Dry Time Between Coats: 2 Hours (At 70 Degrees F; 50% Relative Humidity)
Recommended Wet Film Thickness (WFT) Per Coat: 1.5 Mils Or 38 Microns
Approximate Dry Film Thickness (DFT) Per Coat: .6 Mil or 15 Microns
Theoretical Coverage @ .6 mil (DFT) Per Coat: 1050 Square Feet
Typical 60 Degree Gloss: 90
Viscosity Using #2 Zahn Cup: 32 Seconds
Application Methods:
Conventional or HVLP compressed air, HVLP turbine, airless, air assisted airless, brush, or short nap roller.
Recommended Spray Gun Setups:
  • Siphon Feed: 2.0 mm to 2.4 mm (.0787 to .0866)
  • Gravity Feed: 1.4 mm to 1.6 mm (.0551 to .0630)
  • Pressure Feed: .8 mm to 1.0 mm (.0315 to .0394)
Sanding & Buffing:
While NOT necessary, Envirolon can be easily sanded or buffed after 8 gours if desired. Buff with 1000, 1200, 1500 or 2000 compound or cleaner/glaze using Either and a DA or rotary buffer.
Equipment Clean-up :
Soap and water.
Thinning Solvent :
Maintenance Cleaning:
To wash Envirolon coated surfaces after full cure, use a neutral cleaner and soft brush or roller sponge. DO NOT USE hot water or steam cleaners as they are not needed or advised.
While Envirolon has been formulated to pass a 5 Cycle Freeze-Thaw test, it is a waterborne coating. Therefore, DO NOT allow exposure to temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Store containers on pallets or shelves.
The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and the container labels for these products contain additional important health and safety information, which you should read carefully and follow before using this product.
Beauty and Protection Perfection