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Commercial Restoration With Vivilon Clear Coat

These photos are just a few the possibilities to restore, rejuvenate and refinish old, dull, weathered or chalky surfaces to a like new color tone, gloss, and mirror-like shine with VIVILON.
(Just left click on the picture to enlarge.)

Before   After
Awning Before Dull faded fiberglass awning is rejuvenated with clear coat renewer to restore the color and shine of the awnings gelcoat at a fraction of the cost of repainting. Awning After
Mansard Before After four year of baking in Florida’s sun, the painted metal becomes faded and oxidized. But, but with clear coat rejuvenation its factory finish is restored to deep blue color and mirror-like shine. Mansard After
Blue Awning Before A dull faded and stained vinyl awning is rejuvenated with a clear coat refinishing process that fully restores its color and luster to look like new vinyl. Blue Awning After
The composite wood siding on this Bob Evans Farms restaurant is fully restored without interrupting customer use. Bob Evans Being Restored
AC Unit Before Faded and oxidized air conditioning units at Busch Gardens have their color and shine restored by VIVILON's clear coat rejuvenator. They are protected from sun damage and also run more efficiently due to Vivilon’s heat insulating and sun reflecting properties AC Unit After
Metal Roof Being Restored The sprayer can see himself reflected in the restored color and gloss of the clear coat rejuvenator he is applying to this faded and oxidized roof. Where not sprayed, the roof remains weathered and dull. Dale Ford being restored
Gas Pump Restored The gas pumps and canopy at this service station are refinished to factory fresh color and luster with the clear coat rejuvenator. Gas Station
FP&L Before and After The right side of this faded FPL equipment box has its dark green color restored while on the left it remains dull, weathered and graffiti damaged. The clear coat rejuvenator protects against future graffiti tagging with a super slick surface that has a gloss and beads up water. FP&L Protective Shield
KFC Before A faded KFC vinyl awning is rejuvenated to like new color and shine by the clear coat refinishing process which also protects the awning from sun damage, bird droppings, and stains. KFC After
Metal Siding Before This faded oxidized light orange metal building is partially restored on the left while the rest of the steel building remains weathered. On the right, the clear coat refinishing process has completely restored the color and like new appearance to the paint. Metal Siding After
Stair Case Before The clear coat refinishing process restores the natural color to this dull faded wood while leaving a like new polished shine. Stair Case After
Vinyl Before This weather faded vinyl awning is rejuvenated and its color restored to like new. Vinyl After
Stucco Before and After

VIVILON makes this faded stucco look freshly painted.


The faded and oxidized paint on the facia of this Ford dealership is completely color restored and looks like new again.


*All Photos Contained Herein Are Certified Unretouched Photos Of VIVILON Rejuvenating A Surface That Would Normally Be Repainted. Other Than For The Photos In The EXCEPTIONS Folder, ALL Restoration, Refinishing And Rejuvenation Projects Have Been Accomplished Solely By Use Of Our Crystal Clear Materials.