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Auto Restoration & Refinishing With Vivilon Clear Coat

Has Your Car or Truck Lost it's Color and Shine?

Do You have Faded Paint, oxidized or simply dull old paint on Your Car or Truck? Do you want to protect Your car or truck from rust and corrosion from salt on the road or in the air? Have you had bird droppings, tree sap or acid rain damage your car or truck's finish? Well, No More!

You can now completely restore the original color, luster and shine to your car or trucks finish in a few hours that will renew its appearance and keep it protected for 5 to 10 years! And, it will be a breeze to clean because of Vivilon's anti-cling dirt repellent finish.

Vivilon does NOT make any wax, polish, buffing compound or glaze. We only make industrial quality, unique tripolymer protective resins clear coatings that offer cutting edge nano-particle technology in a clear coating that restores and rejuvenates your automobile's color and shine and protect that finish from the sun's damaging UV radiation, salt air on the coasts, road salt where it is used, acid rain, bird droppings, tree sap, and insect spatters that can lead to paint deterioration.

You know your car or truck's appearance means not only having personal satisfaction from driving a clean and shiny automobile, it also means greater re-sale value when its time to sell the automobile or return your leased car or truck. The shiny, clean, corrosion free car or truck will sell faster and quicker!

And, now with Vivilon's ForeverNu wipe-on clearcoat, beside having a dull, oxidized faded surface restored to like new color, shine and luster, you can even make light scratches, scuffs and swirl marks on your car or truck virtually disappear with a easy wipe-on hand application. Imagine, no matter how faded, dull and oxidized your car or truck may be, a perfect shine can be yours with a process that's as simple as a wax job but one that lasts 5 to 10 years! And, whenever your car or truck begins to start losing color, shine or luster, a fast cleaning and re-application of the ForeverNu hand applied clear coat is all you need, and; your good to go for another 5 to 10 years. No matter how oxidized, faded or dull your car or truck paint is, ForeverNu wipe-on clear coating will restore its color, shine and luster to a "like new" auto showroom shine!

So, whether you restore, revitalize, rejuvenate or refinish your dull, oxidized, weather beaten car or truck with a spray on or wipe-on Vivilon hand applied clear coating, you can be sure it is protected and will keep its like new color and shine for many years to come. These photos are just a few the possibilities to restore automobiles, rejuvenate and refinish old, dull, weathered or chalky trucks and cars to a like new color tone, gloss, and mirror-like shine with VIVILON

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Oxidized peeling car clearcoat

A customer wanted her 1992 Jeep car's sun faded oxidized paint restored. We wet sanded the paint on the car that had clearcoat peeling
After spraying one coat of Vivilon, the weather faded, oxidized and sun damaged car paint restored, refinished and rejuvenated to like new color and gloss.

Auto restored new luster & shine
swirls in paint


swirls gone with Forevernu

Badly Scuffed Ford Explorer Truck from accident.

After using ForeverNu, the truck is good as new!

scratched and faded Suburban

Suburban with Forevernu shine
weather faded truck
Truck with Forevernu clear coating
The somewhat faded and oxidized paint on this Toyota automobile was restored to a like new color and factory fresh shine just by spraying it with our clear coat rejuvenator.
The paint on this sunburned, oxidized, faded mini motor home was restored to its original condition of color and luster by our clear coat rejuvenator.
Sun faded auto paint The dull, faded, oxidized paint on this Honda automobile was refinished to a like new color and shine by our clear coat car restoration and protection process. Car color & luster repaired
The Photos of the Vivilon Clear Coat Color Restoration and Rejuvenation Process depicted herein are Certified Actual Pictures of how Vivilon Clear Coat Rejuvenates, Refurbishes, Revitalizes, Reconditions, Renews, Refinishes and Restores sun bleached, old, dull, chalky, weathered, oxidized, faded paint, metal, fiberglass gelcoat, vinyl, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, or eifs surfaces to like new original color tone, gloss, shine and luster that would normally require Repainting or Redecaling. Other than photos in the EXCEPTIONS folder, ALL Pictures of the Restoration, Refurbishing, Refinishing, Reconditioning and Rejuvenating of faded, oxidized surfaces have been done solely by the use of Vivilon Crystal Clear Coating materials.