Fleet Refinishing Restores Faded Paint's Color & Shine
by: Bill Rice

To restore a dull, faded, oxidized, sun weathered, discolored or simply old paint, decals or brightwork (polished aluminum or stainless steel) to like new color, shine and luster on a fleet of trucks, tractors, buses or vans is very inexpensive and extremely cost effective with Vivilon. Fleet refinishing or restoration using Vivilon is a classic "NO Brainer". The color, luster, gloss and shine can be refinished to like new condition or even better than new. ( I can hear you now saying " better than new...baloney! This guy is really full of crap".) Well, just hear me out.

About 12 years ago, we were refinishing buses at a school bus fleet refinishing "facility" that could fairly be described as a bat cave. We had 10-12 year old buses to  refinish and restore to original color and shine. One day, while busy with refinishing the fleet, in roll 5 brand new buses direct from the Thomas Bus plant. I thought it would be fun to see how our fleet refinishing of the faded buses was able to compare with the new paint on the Thomas buses. I put the old fleet of buses that we had refinished, with their restored color and shine, up against those painted in very near to perfect conditions (plenty of light and environmental controls) at the Thomas factory.

After we washed the Thomas buses to remove any road contamination, I pulled out my BYK gloss meter and started taking readings. The average reading, taken from several places on the buses at a 60� gloss measurement, was 80.3. I didn't know whether they had been polished in make ready at the factory; but, the gloss was reading about 8� low for a new paint job so I felt that they had not been polished. Our restored old buses sure weren't.

The average reading, from the same places, on the refinished buses that had been restored in the "bat cave" and NOT washed before testing was 83.6. More than 3 points better than new buses Unscientific? Sure. But, nevertheless, close enough for government work :-)

That is why I can say we refinish and  restore BETTER than new shine or gloss to faded, chalky and oxidized paint. Just think how good the numbers would have been if we had pristine conditions to work in; or, if we had the luxury of washing the buses we had restored first.

EVERYTHING you see on our fleet refinishing gallery was refinished or restored with a gallon or LESS of Vivilon clearcoat. And, every unit refinished was done with 5 man hours or LESS of cleaning and spraying refinishing labor. Not super humans, just everyday decent workers. So, add up the cost of fllet refinishing done the Vivilon way. A gallon of clearcoat restorer is $200.  It took a HALF a gallon to refinish the tractors; and, a quart to refinish the van. Total refinishing labor, figure $20 an hour. Five hours max equals $100 total cost of your fleet refinishing project.

So, for $300 (labor & material cost), you could restore an old, dull faded bus, delivery truck, sleeper cab or 16 Bay beer truck into a NEW looking bus or truck. For $200, you could refinish heavy duty road tractors all day. Think about how our way of fleet refinishing compares with the cost of painting and decaling a  tractor. Is $900-$1000, for a cheap job; or, $1400 for a really good job of refinishing with decals, a fair number? Maybe more?

So, for the SAME fleet refinishing dollars, you could have one tractor repainted OR 4-7 tractors refinished and rejuvenated with Vivilon. That's why we have said for 29 years, "Don't Repaint...Rejuvenate" with Vivilon. It's the clearcoat that "Makes Anything Old Look New Again"! And, did I mention, the downtime? To refinish a tractor it is FOUR hours or less. How's that compare with repainting? You're lucky if you get it back in 4 DAYS!

I think I know what you're saying, "Yeah, BUT, what if the paint is completely missing from an accident or other damage, you can't fix that with no clearcoat". You are absolutely correct, I can't. But, if your paint is still intact, no matter how Badly FADED it may be, I can restore it and make it look new. And, if you first do that "touch-up" paint & body work with factory color code paint, I can refinish the whole unit to look exactly the same. How? Because, Vivilon restores color to the same color tone as new.

Isn't that the point of cost effective fleet refinishing.? To have your company's fleet LOOK new! For years! With an easy to clean, stain resistant finish? Isn't that what a fleet needs? A good looking, easy to keep clean vehicle that conveys a positive impression of your company as it goes down the road for year after year.

If this has caused you to want a question answered, good. We like questions. Give us a call.

If it has convinced you to try out Vivilon on one or two rigs, GREAT! You can buy Vivilon Classic or Tough Enough go here.