How to Restore Dull Faded, Discolored & Oxidized Vinyl Siding, Vinyl Fences & Vinyl Shutters To Like New Color
by: Bill Rice

Several products have been used for vinyl siding restoration, refurbishment and rejuvenation over the years. One popular product for awhile was Restora Vinyl Siding Renewer from the Flood Co. Unfortunately, it was removed from the market. One that has lasted for decades is Vivilon's Envirolon Viding Siding Restorer. Vivilon's Envirolon has been in the business of restoring, refurbishing and rejuvenating dull, oxidized, chalky, sun weathered, faded vinyl siding surfaces to restore their original color tone since 1992. And, once the surface is restored to like new color, Vivilon delivers unsurpassed protection to the vinyl siding against UV sunlight fading, industrial fallout, acid rain, mold mildew, algae, fungus, airborne pollution, , bird droppings, and every day dirt and grime. Because the surface is sealed off so grime can't get a grip to cling to it, cleaning is simply a water hosing down to make it look new again. Envirolon has been tested and proven to be superior to every other product for restoring faded, oxidized vinyl siding to a like new condition and protecting the vinyl siding from every manner of exterior exposure. Envirolon coating remains flexible so it won't crack, peel or delaminate with the vinyl siding's expansion when the temperature is very warm or contract when the weather is very cold. For aluminum siding, Vivilon's Classic has been restoring faded, weather beaten, oxidized , chalky aluminum siding for 37 years. There is simply nothing better for siding restoration whether the substrate is vinyl, aluminum or even the newest form of siding, polypropylene siding.  .

With the introduction of our water based Envirolon restorer and protector, Vinyl Siding Restoration is just a simple cleaning and the spraying (or rolling) of the clear restorer and protector onto the vinyl siding.

(NOTE: Because vinyl siding is made from hard, brittle PVC, it must be "plasticized" to produce a material that is somewhat flexible to work with. These vinyl siding plasticizers come in different grades, from inexpensive to moderately expensive and are included in the PVC mix in various amounts. It is because the cheaper plasticizers will react to the solvent in our Vivilon Classic and Tough Enough products, that we recommend our water borne ENVIROLON product to restore and renew vinyl siding, shutters and fencing. Since we don't know whether an expensive durable plasticizer or a cheap soluble plasticizer was used in your vinyl siding, we want you to have a 'no-brainer" solution that will work perfectly EVERY time on ANY vinyl siding product. 

The vinyl siding, despite what the vinyl siding companies want you to think, is NOT maintenance free. You can't just put vinyl siding on your house and forget it. Consider this disclaimer put out by CertainTeed, a leading manufacturer of vinyl siding products.

" vinyl siding is not warranted against discoloration or other damage caused by air pollution (including but not limited to metallic oxides or metallic particles), mold, mildew, exposure to harmful chemicals or normal weathering resulting from exposure to the elements. Normal weathering is defined as exposure to sunlight and extremes of weather and atmosphere which will cause any colored surface to gradually fade, chalk, or accumulate dirt or stains. The severity of any condition depends on the geographical location of the building, the cleanliness of the air in the area, and many other influences over which CertainTeed has no control. "

So, a leading vinyl siding manufacturer is telling you that when it comes to your vinyl siding fading, chalking or discoloring, restoring the color to the original color you chose is a problem between your vinyl siding and you. Envirolon is your faded, discolored vinyl siding restoration solution, as well as your vinyl shutter and fencing solution. Envirolon is simple, safe, easy to apply to vinyl siding, shutters or fences and most importantly, Envirolon has LONG lasting durability. With just a water hosing down (or the use of a pressure washer or pressure washing cleaning contractors service twice a year), your vinyl siding will have a clean and beautiful long lasting satin finish. And, the vinyl siding will have color that's true to the original color and looks just as good as it did when the vinyl siding was first installed. Mold, mildew or algae won't grow on the vinyl siding and if you get rust stains, they are easily washed off the siding. With this minimal maintenance, the finish on the vinyl siding should last 10-12 years in any climate or environment without cracking, peeling or discoloring.

There is almost 60 BILLION square feet of vinyl siding installed on houses across America. With another 5 Billion feet installed each year. There have been over 100 million vinyl shutters installed and several Billion square feet of vinyl fencing. If you have any one or all three of these vinyl products, you need Envirolon to solve their appearance maintenance problem. For more information on our solution to the problem of restoring the color on vinyl siding and maintaining it for years, go here.