Sign Restoration Made Quick & Easy

How a Clear Coating Refinishing Process Restores
Original Color To Dull, Faded Signs With Lasting
Protection From Sun Fading Oxidation

People often make judgments about a company or organization based in part on the signs displayed by them. So, part of maintaining a positive public image, is maintaining a clean, bright and even shiny appearance of those signs. A dull, dingy faded sign portrays a negative message about its owner.

Traditionally, sign maintenance was simply a matter of pressure washing or replacing a faded decal. Anything more than that required removal of the sign and restoration back at the sign shop. This usually entailed sanding, priming, repainting, decaling and replacement of any 3D graphic involved. It was very expensive and there was the time without a sign for the owner. Then there was the cost to re-install the sign.

A company that offers a quick and easy solution to this problem of sign restoration is Vivilon Coatings, Inc. of Miami, FL. The sign refinishing process is done totally on site so there is virtually no downtime. The sign is first cleaned with a concentrated degreaser called ChemScrub to remove any wax, grease or grime from the surface. Then a protective clear coating called Vivilon is either sprayed, brushed, wiped or rolled on to instantly restore the most faded sign to the original color it had when new without the need for any repainting. Nor will any repainting be needed in the future. Because Vivilon is self-annealing, the process of sign restoration can be repeated every five to ten years with just a simple washing to prepare the sign for reapplication to renew it.

Once the sign is restored and rejuvenated, Vivilon’s durable protective polymer weather barrier provides lasting protection against sun fading oxidation, corrosion, acid rain pitting and staining and graffiti. The sign’s surface porosity is sealed off by the clear coating, leaving dirt and grime nothing to stick to so sign maintenance is simple as a periodic water rinse.

To see how effective Vivilon clear coat refinishing is at restoring, renewing, and rejuvenating dull, faded signs to like new color, just check out the pictures of two sign refinishing projects below. For more information, contact Vivilon Coatings at (800) VIVILON or

Dull Faded Signs Are Restored To Like New

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