Vivilon Restores Color Tone to Fading Paints

This article originally appeared in the July, 1999 edition of SCHOOL TRANSPORTATION NEWS

Don’t have the money in your budget to repaint all the old looking buses in your fleet?

School Bus Before Application

Then do what over 2,000 district
contractor bus fleets have done… Refinish them with Vivilon.

What is Vivilon? A clear nylon acrylic polymer that is sprayed on to restore like new color and gloss to even your most faded bus. In about 5 hours and with a material cost of $150, you’ll have the same bright shiny look as if you spent $2000 getting your bus painted.

“It’s two-step process,” says Vivilon inventor, Bill Rice, “step one is we brush on a liquid cleaner/degreaser called ChemScrub.

It has natural solvents and emulsifiers combined with a blend of surfactants to penetrate the toughest road film and contamination. When it is rinsed off and dries, you are ready to spray.

” The only thing needed is to mask all the glass; everything else can be sprayed with Vivilon’s clear protective coating and luster returns.

Is this product really as good as Rice claims? Well, beginning in 1990, the product was the subject of an intensive four year performance evaluation by the U.S. Air Force. The Air Force tests products in field trials, according to the safety and environmental parameters, to determine if the product is superior to products then in use.

In its final report, the Air Force recommended Vivilon as the most cost effective alternative to repainting for long-term appearance protection.
“Vivilon coated vehicles turned out with a high gloss finish that withstood repeatedly harsh weather conditions and high pressure washing with strong detergents,” said the report.

The Air Force said the product was proven to provide a virtually impermeable barrier to protect painted metal, fiberglass, aluminum or stainless steel surfaces from exposure to intense sunlight, salt or acid rain corrosion, staining, graffiti, and abrasion. Don Paull, Blue Bird Bus distributor and user of Vivilon since 1981, says, “Over the years I have had at least 300 buses done with Vivilon at various districts where I was transportation director.

I was extremely pleased with both its immediate face-lift to my fleets and its long-term performance.

Same School Bus After Application

Buses looked better and were easier to clean. No matter how bad they look to start with, after the Vivilon is applied, they look like new.” Vivilon can also be applied to trucks, boats, airplanes, RV’s, signs, metal buildings and more.

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Reprinted with permission from SCHOOL TRASNPORTATION NEWS