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How Clear Coating Can Restore Faded Paint and
Fiberglass To Original Color and Shine Without Repainting

THE deteriorating effects of daily environmental exposure can make even a relatively new fleet of buses look prematurely worn out and aged. Many transportation directors and administrators around the country believe they have found a viable solution to the problem with a product called VIVILON manufactured by Kar Keepers, Inc., Miami, FL. A clear spray coating process, Vivilon is formulated to restore painted surfaces to their original color tone and gloss.

At a fraction  of the cost of repainting, and with limited down-time, an entire fleet can receive a cosmetic face lift that is guaranteed to last five years. Kar Keepers will supply the

product and train district maintenance personnel in the proper application procedures or do the installation with their service crew at the district bus facility.

In addition to its ability to restore original color tone and gloss to painted metal, fiberglass and aluminum, Vivilon coating leaves a hard durable surface to protect the paint from graffiti, stains, and most corrosive substances.

Also, the paint will not crack, flake or peel and is much easier to keep clean, because by virtually eliminating the porosity of the paint, Vivilon leaves nothing for dirt to hold onto.


Protection of Paint From:

Product Cost Effective
Duration (Longevity)
Down Time Sunlight Acid Rain Salt Graffiti Stone Chips Gloss
Liquid Oxidation Removers $20-$30 30 days 1 1/2 hours No No No No No Minimal
Rubbing Compound &
Wax or Sealant
$60-$85 60-180 days 1 day Yes Yes Yes No No Good to Excellent
Silicone Spray
& Wash
$35-$85 30-60 days 3 hours Yes No No No No Fair to
Total Repaint
w/ Acrylic Enamel
$800-$1,400 1-3 years 2-3 days plus travel time No No No No No Excellent
Total Repaint Polyurethane Enamel $1,200-$1800 5-7 years 3-4 days plus travel Time Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Excellent
VIVILON $325.00 5-7 years 1/2 day Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Excellent


Vivilon in the process of restoring faded paint

Whether the fleet is cleaned by hand, pressure washer or fleet wash installation, substantial savings in both labor and cleanin gchemicals can be realized. Enough, in many cases, to completely pay back the original investment in the Vivilon application.

In the event of damage, or for any other reason it is necessary to repaint the vehicle, Vivilon will function as a primer coat for the new paint. All that is required is to wash the surface with soap and water. Once dry, the enamel or lacquer paint can be applied directly over the Vivilon.

After that paint cures, a reapplication of Vivilon is possible if desired. As with any maintenance program, the fleet manager should make a thorough investigation of all potential supplier claims before deciding which offers the most cost effective solution for the district.

A brief comparison of various exterior appearance products has been provided. Prices and effective duration figures are approximated and will vary depending on the region of the country. In most cases, the cost of Vivilon application is one quarter to one fifth the cost of the most comparative product, polyurethane enamel.