How Vivilon Refinishing Restores Like New Color
And Gloss To Faded Paint and Decals

With recent research indicating that almost one in three people viewing a company vehicle will make a buying decision based upon their impression of its appearance, most private fleet transportation directors are aware of the importance of presenting a consistent, positive public image.

A number of different products have been used to maintain an attractive appearance for a company's trucks and trailers. Among these are silicone spray wash and waxes, brush on oxidation removers, rub on compound and sealant waxes, acidic or caustic washes and periodic repainting and/or decal replacement. Each of these options has its own limitations. They range from actual paint damage (acid or alkaline washes) to limited protection (spray or sealant waxes) on to cost and downtime issues (repaint).

Hundreds of fleet managers believe they have found an alternative method of achieving a sharp looking fleet that is relatively quick, inexpensive and long lasting.

It is a three-step process of cleaning the surface of all contamination, masking off the glass and then spray applying a clear nylon-acrylic coating to the whole vehicle. The clear coating is called Vivilon Classic and it is manufactured by Kar Keepers of Cypress, Texas. In less than half a day and for under a hundred dollars, a fleet manager can take an old faded truck and give it a like new color and shine that will last a good five to seven years. And, the truck can be back in service the same day.

The concept is not a new one. Fleet managers have been using clear lacquers or enamels to give their equipment a quick face-lift for at least 40 years, but the process has not been wide spread primarily because these materials had a limited longevity.

The Vivilon process is different because the coating has extreme durability and can even outlast the finest polyurethane. The other reason for the clear coat method’s lack of use in the past was the extensive cleaning and preparation that had to be done prior to the coating to be applied. Vivilon has simplified this process making it easier and less time consuming to complete the refurbishment of vehicles.

The cleaning is done by means of a nylon pad and cleanser, hand scrubbing the surface of the vehicle. This roughs the paint up mechanically. It also removes any paint oversprays from touch-up work or stenciling. By both mechanically and chemically cleaning the paint you are assured of maximum bonding of the coating to the underlying paint. Masking off the glass involves a simple application of car wax to all glass or mirrored surfaces. A razor blade scrapper removes the wax along with any coating when the job is complete. Then the whole vehicle (decals, rubber, plastic and everything else) gets sprayed with a 1½ mil coating of Vivilon, instantly restoring like new color tone and gloss.

For a road truck (like the grocery store tractor above) the whole process, start to finish, takes one man about 2 hours with a material cost under $100. A sleeper cab would take about twice the time and material. Trailers are the company’s mobile billboards. They can also be given a like new appearance by Vivilon.

The material creates a virtually impermeable weather barrier that protects the surface from both UVA and UVB solar radiation, extremes of heat and cold, diesel fuel, gas, graffiti, light acids and it is scratch and chip resistant.

Grocery Truck Before and After Application

This article was written by William Rice, president of Kar Keepers, Cypress, TX.
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