How Faded Self-Storage, Doors Can Be Restored To Like New By VIVILON'S Clear Coating

In a business where having a positive public image is paramount, successful self-storage operators are always searching for simple, effective, yet inexpensive ways to restore and maintain a first-class appearance.

Most storage facilities are susceptive to degraded appearance in the form of color fading, loss of shine staining and corrosion from familiar sources like solar radiation and environmental pollution in the form of acid rain.

But, by the nature of the business, many are also effected by a less obvious problem. Because storage facilities are located on heavily traveled streets, exhaust residue from this traffic forms an oily sheen on the doors and other surfaces. This film acts as a magnet for dirt, sand and grit, making cleaning problematic at best.

Additionally, many facilities are located along the coast, where airborne salt corrosion also takes a toll. Reggie Hornbarrier, owner of the Extra Attic in Wilmington, NC, which is less than 10 miles from the Atlantic Ocean, explains the problems he faced.

“After fifteen years of sun, salt and weather pollution, the paint on my roll-up mini storage doors and was looking faded and worn. Due to the construction of these doors, painting them was not an option. I was resigned to either replacing them or living with the problem, until I heard about the Vivilon restoration system.”

Doug Ainsley, the VIVILON distributor who refinished all 192 doors at Extra Attic, describes the simple two step process. “After rinsing the door with water, we brush on a special liquid cleaner called ChemScrub,’ which easily dissolves the many layers thoroughly with water, the painted surface is clean spray, roller, or brush.”

“Even when they see it with their own eyes, customers still can’t believe how dramatically the original coloration and gloss is instantly restored as the coating hits the surface, says William Rice, who originally developed the Vivilon formulation in 1979.

According to Rice, the reason Vivilon has performed so well for over 20 years is the three-pronged approach taken to solving both the problem of restoring truly original color and gloss to the faded paint, as well as providing for long-term protection from any exterior weathering so the surface will retain its beauty.

Wetting agents enhance the super slippery prismatic resins to allow their penetration deep into the microscopic pores of the surface. This insures optimum adhesion through interlaced micro-bonding.

Second, the coating’s synthetic moisturizing polymers fully encapsulate and renew a perfectly spherical structure to sun damaged pigment molecules. This provides Vivilon’s unique ability to restore the pigmentation to its exact coloration, often with even greater than new gloss.



Finally, once restored, Vivilon’s unique combination of state of the art organic and inorganic light absorbers and stabilizers filter out the damaging effects of UVA, UVB and UVC ultraviolet light spectrums, in much the same way as sunscreen lotions protect your skin from getting burned on a sunny day.

Vivilon then quickly air dries to a clear, smooth, slick surface that repels water, oil and graffiti and “shrugs off” dirt and grime. Cleaning is so quick and easy, usually a simple water hosing is all it takes. “Hard as it is for me to believe, 18 months later my doors still have the same like new look they had the day the job was completed. It’s like having new doors at a fraction of the cost. Count me as a very satisfied customer,” concludes Hornbarrier. Vivilon can be applied by in-house maintenance personnel or on site application may be arranged through factory authorization installers.

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NOTE: Since he did this one in 1999, Doug Ainsley has done more than 400 self-storage facilities located throughout the country. It was the first storage facility he did and continues to be a source of pride for both the owners of this facility and for him. After seven years, it still looks as good as the day when he first did it.

Summer 2001

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