How to Inexpensively Restore Faded
Paint & Fiberglass To Like New Color and Shine


Product Review:

Inexpensive process restores a deep luster & shine that lasts indefinitely. Even
badly faded paint & fiberglass surfaces have “like new” color tone and gloss.

Every transportation manager wants to have a fleet that projects the positive public image that comes from consistently clean and shiny buses. The dilemma is how to achieve that goal with limited resources. Over the past 15 years, many district and contractor fleets have found the answer in an easy to apply, maintenance free, transparent polymer coating called Vivilon.
Don Paull, now Director of Transportation for the North East School District in San Antonio, TX, was one of the first to use Vivilon in 1981. At that time, he was at Katy I.S.D. near Houston. “Over the years I had contracted with the company to provide on site applications to over 150 buses. Vivilon refurbished buses would always look like new and the slick finish made them much easier to clean. I was pleased with the convenience of the service and their 5 year ‘no fade’ warranty” says Paull.

In 1994, the company suggested substantial cost reductions were possible if they could train district bus drivers to do the Vivilon applications. Paull agreed. “By using our own people we not only save a lot of money but also have complete flexibility in scheduling. We did 75 buses last summer and have scheduled another 75 to do this year. It’s the ideal solution for us” Paull concludes.

Bill Rice, president of Next Step Innovations, The company that makes Vivilon, explains the Vivilon process involves only a surface cleaning, masking all glass and then spraying everything else (including lights, lenses, and decals) with a coat of Vivilon.

One person can completely refurbish a 66 passenger bus in about 4 to 5 hours.  And, if it’s more convenient, the bus can even be done one section at a time, over several days. No special facilities or skills are required. Rice comments “for less than $100 in materials, you can give your worst looking bus a first class image that should last 7-10 years. Then, all you do to bring back the shine, is clean it and spray it again. With our simple instructional video and toll-free technical support, anyone who wants to consistently turn our great looking vehicles, easily can. That’s why we can guarantee complete customer satisfaction.”

Vivilon was the subject of an extensive four year performance evaluation by the U.S. Air Force.  Their effective alternative to repainting for long-term appearance protection. They concluded, “Vivilon coated vehicles turned out with a high gloss finish that did not require waxing and withstood repeatedly harsh weather conditions and high pressure washings with strong detergents.  Vivilon was proven to provide a virtually impermeable barrier to protect painted metal, fiberglass, aluminum or stainless steel surfaces from exposure to intense sunlight, salt or acid rain corrosion, staining, graffiti and abrasion.

According to the company, in addition to buses, Vivilon has been used successfully by trucking, construction, utility, petroleum and beverage fleets, as well as, hundreds of owners of airplanes, RV’s, boats, mobile homes, and metal buildings.

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Transport New Digest - March 1996