VIVILON Coatings & Chemicals started out as Kar Keepers, Inc. in 1978 in a suburb of Houston called Cypress, TX. We were a manufacturer of a complete line of car detailing products. The company slogan was “Take Pride in Your Ride.” We also operated eleven automotive detailing centers throughout the state.

These facilities served consumers, new and used car dealers, rental car agencies and fleet operators with first class appearance maintenance services. Vivilon was one of the products we used in these automotive detailing centers while the Vivilon clear coating was going through the testing on Galveston beach described at length in the history section of this site. Vivilon was used as a an engine compartment restorer, being sprayed on everything to restore the paint on air cleaners, valve covers, the wiring harness, even all the fluid hoses. Unlike all other clear coats or “dressings” that had been used for engines before, Vivilon restored the color to the hoses without making them brittle. The hoses retained their flexibility with no operational problems. Vivilon also protected the engine from salt air corrosion or intrusion of moisture from air humidity into the electrical wiring. To this day, several electrical component manufacturers use Vivilon to protect the electrical circuits from moisture and corrosion on the electrical devices they produce.

In addition, we made a unique elastomeric coating out of DuPont neoprene & Shell SBS rubber that was dramatically superior to the bitumen and oil based products then used for rust proofing cars and trucks.  It was both a thermal and sound insulator in addition to a rust preventative that was impervious to acids, salts and solvents and couldn’t be removed even with a sandblaster. Later, we made a white insulating ceramic coating based on the same technology, we trade named Heat Chaser™. It is still used for insulating some School Buses (the white coating you see on the roof) and for insulation of refrigerated trucks. We even made a foray into the cosmetic field, when a nail protector for women was developed at a lady friend’s request. It was called Eternails™ and really protected nail polish and made the nails incredibly strong so they resisted cracking.

Heat Chaser Insulates Against The Sun On This School Bus


Because many of our fleet customers, who used our detailing and rust proofing services, asked if we couldn’t create a quick, easy to apply, inexpensive surface coating that would restore a like new appearance with gloss that would shine like a mirror. They also wanted it to last as long as any top of the line automotive or industrial paints in terms of sun fading protection and corrosion resitstance. We developed what came to be known as VIVILON Classic™ Crystal Clear Coating. Tough Enough™, a version of Vivilon Classic was developed to have full gasoline or diesel fuel resistance combined with an amazing combination of two diametrically opposed characteristics. On the one hand it had extreme flexibility (easily passing a 135 degree T-Bar test) and, at the same time it was very abrasion resistant and tough. So, we called it Tough Enough and added it to our line in 1996. In 1999, after years of working on a project to graft a nylon-acrylic resin blend onto an aliphatic polyester polyurethane backbone in a waterborne version of VIVILON, we successfully produced three polyurethane coatings. By varying the amount of the aliphatic polyester in each blend, we developed one with extreme flexibility for use on plasticized PVC or vinyl, we trade named Vinyl Life, one with extreme hardness for use as a graffiti protection product, trade named Tag…You’re Out, and one that had just the right balance of flexibility and hardness, we trade named Envirolon™. The nylon-acrylic blend we used in Vivilon Classic and Tough Enough gave all three waterborne polyester polyurethane formulas the same maximum UVA and UVB resistance to sun fading damage and oxidation. Then in late 2011, we were asked to formulate a hand applied "wipe on" clear coating that not only would restore paint color and shine; but, could also eliminate clear coat scratches, scuffs and swirl marks without the need for "cut and polish" buffing. It is called ForeverNu 3G. Unlike other wipe on or hand applied clear coatings that require buying a license or franchise fee before you buy the product, there is NO fees with ForeverNu 3G. You can even buy as little as One Quart to see if it works for you. The One Quart will completely do 4-5 cars or 2-3 trucks.

So whatever formulation you choose to restore your valuable property, rest assured the Vivilon Clear Coat Industrial Restoration System will enable you to refurbish,refinish, renew, recondition, rejuvenate, revitalize and restore like new original color restoration to the surface and with an environmental weather barrier to fully protect, weatherproof, insulate and place an environmental weather shield upon those paint, metal, fiberglass, gelcoat, flex face vinyl, aluminum, vinyl siding, copper, eifs and stainless steel surfaces so restored...for lasting beauty and protection.

While our main business has been selling to dealers or contractors who apply the product in the field, in recent years we have been able to offer many manufacturers variations of our Tough Enough applied at their factories. Fishing lures, metal outdoor furniture, metal wall panels and even musical instrument makers now use our product to protect their products. We are currently discussing a factory applied version of Vivilon with a major supplier of vinyl siding products to increase the weather durability and sun fading resistance of their product.

We certainly don’t claim that we invented the clear coat restoration or protection process. What we do claim, most emphatically, is that we PERFECTED the methods of clear coat paint restoration and protection. We gave Vivilon the ability to PERFECTLY restore the original color tone and depth of gloss (or Distinctness of Image as color chemists like to call it) to the faded surfaces it is applied to. Hence, our slogan, “Beauty and Protection Perfection.” And, we further claim, that the Vivilon ForeverNu™ finish Vivilon clear coating leaves behind protects the surface as well (and we believe better than) any other coating (clear OR even pigmented) against the types of damage from environmental exposure it will encounter.

Vivilon Clear Coat protects paint, fiberglass gelcoat, metals, EIFS, copper, brick and vinyl against Ultraviolet A or B sun fading radiation which causes paint, fiberglass gelcoat, brick or vinyl color fading and oxidation damage.

Vivilon Clear Coat also protects paint and metals against corrosive salt air and acid rain pitting, staining, tarnishing or discoloration.

Vivilon Clear Coat even protects paint, fiberglass gelcoat, metals and vinyl against algae, most acids, gas or diesel spills, and graffiti.

What we are about is offering people the ability to fully restore their property’s like new appearance and to maintain that appearance and the value that goes along with it, virtually maintenance free.

We hope that you will find our site interesting and informative. And, we invite you to email us or call 800-VIVILON or 800-848-4566 for a free estimate on your restoration or protection needs.