1. Vivilon is the PROVEN BEST surface REJUVENATOR and PROTECTOR by objective testing evidence and the test of over 37 Years of SURFACE RESTORATION & PROTECTION in the harshest climates in the world!

2. Vivilon was Recommended for use as an Alternative to Repainting after 4 years of testing by the US Air Force!

3. Vivilon, after testing for Exposure to the Sun, Salt Air, Acid Rain, Blowing Sand and Industrial Pollution on the beach at Galveston, TX (just down the Houston Ship Channel from all the Petrochemical plant exhausts) after 20 months still retained 93% of its Original Gloss!

4. Vivilon uses 5 Times the organic UV Absorbers & UV Light Stabilizers as the next best product! Plus,

5. Vivilon is the ONLY clear coating product that uses new, expensive Nanotechnology. Inorganic nanoparticles of Zinc Oxide & Titanium Dioxide UV Absorbers insure Maximum Sun Protection! It is like having a 45 SPF sunscreen that doesn't wash off protecting your body!

6. Vivilon has a Dirt Resistant Finish that shrugs off dirt and Makes Keeping a Shine "Water Rinse" Easy!

7. Vivilon is simple to use and requires NO Mixing and uses NO Toxic Isocyanates. Yet Vivilon gives Better Performance than the BEST Automotive Polyurethanes!

8. Vivilon Gives 100% Corrosion Protection Against Moisture, Salt Air or Road Salt!

9. Vivilon Protection Prevents Grafitti from Adhering and is Easily Cleaned Away!

10. Vivilon Has Proven Algae Will NOT Grow on ANY Vivilon treated surface. Mold and Mildew will NOT Adhere and are easily washed off!